Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cheerful and Chunky

I constantly insist Upon my seven year old to try a new dish. He agrees very reluctantly. He inspects  the dish, smells it and then dares to taste it. Nine out of ten times he ends up eating anything and everything I give him. 

One day I was going through the pantry and found a box of soy chunks. These are used as meat substitutes in vegetarian cooking and are loaded with proteins. You can read more about this amazing chunk here : soy chunks. 

There are many different variations on cooking the soy chunks. They can be added to fried rice, made into a gravy with potatoes and cauliflower or simply fried. No matter how you cook them, the chunks have to be soaked in water.They soften up and become round and bouncy. The amount of time you soak them varies depending on the type of dish you want to make. If you are adding them in a gravy or soupy dish, 10 minutes of soaking will do. They will soak and turn yummy inside the gravy. If you plan on frying them, soak them longer like 20 - 30 minutes and dry them completely.The point is not to make them too mushy but just have the right consistency. 

since I was cooking this to please a seven year old, I fried them. 

This is how I made them:

Soak about a cup of soy chunks in a bowl with enough water to immerse all the chunks in. 

Soak them for 20 minutes. If you are short on time microwave them with the water for a minute or two and drain them completely. 

Drain the water and dry the chunks on a paper towel. You can also squeeze the chunks to get the water out. 

Once they are dry we can fry them. 

Add olive oil, mustard, cumin, black pepper, Red curry powder, dried fenugreek leaves and fry them for a minute or so. 

Then, add the dried chunks and fry until they are golden brown. Sprinkle salt on top of them and turn off the heat. 

Hope you enjoy them.

FYI: It was an instant hit with the little one. 
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