Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Never time a cuddle

We all dream of a perfect world and then we grow up and realize perfectionism is overrated and never really exists. I did try to make life perfect for my little one for as long as I could. I had schedules, strategies and back up plans. I planned the menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would spend hours in the kitchen making everything from scratch, storing and freezing the baby food. I would sit and talk to him about science and life, not knowing if it made sense or he just thought I was crazy.

This went on for a while and one day I lost it. I just couldn't do it anymore. I was frustrated, angry, emotional and upset at myself for feeling that way. I did not want to be perfect anymore. But I couldn't bring myself to accept that and say it out loud. I felt I failed miserably in my role as a mother. Life has a very funny way of teaching you things. In the midst of all this emotional turmoil I failed to realize that my little one was growing up and I really didn't have to be perfect around him all the time.

One night I sat next to him, he cuddled me and said "I like our cuddle time". I was intrigued by the fact that he had cuddle and time in the same sentence and that’s when I realized that in my own ludicrous way of being perfect, I actually set aside time for cuddling. I  don’t have words to express how miserable I felt. We shouldn't be timing the bonding time between us. We cannot time a cuddle and that is so not perfect. That was when I realized that he didn't care how fast I get things done or how I get them done. An  important milestone for me as a mother was to realize that he did not expect me to be a supermom, he didn't care about my flaws, cause at the end of the day we still have the cuddle to prove how much we mean to each other. The dishes and laundry can wait, but never time a cuddle ever again.

on that note I made a simple breakfast of eggs with Fenugreek leaves and lots of love. The Fenugreek leaves add a nice touch which makes an ordinary egg dish extraordinary.

start with 3 eggs

1 medium sized onion chopped

1 tomato chopped

1 tsp dried Fenugreek leaves

1 tsp red chili flakes

1 tsp Chana dal


Heat about a tsp of olive oil in a pan.

Add the chana dal, onions and tomatoes and let them fry for a minute or so.

Crack the eggs in to the pan and add the chili flakes, Fenugreek leaves and salt.

Stir them together until the eggs are done.

He loved the breakfast and gave me the title of a number one cook. Now, that's called being perfect.

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