Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Naked egg Inspired Pasta

We came across a cool naked egg experiment. All you need is an egg and half a glass of vinegar. Soak the egg in vinegar for about 24 hours and see cool bubbles bouncing off the egg. In about 24 hours or so the shell peels off leaving a very bouncy egg. The scientist in me figured out this would be an awesome opportunity to teach the little guy some fun chemistry. The acetic acid in the vinegar dissolves the calcium carbonate of the egg shell, leaving off carbon dioxide which is seen as bubbles and lots of calcium precipitates.


With our new found inspiration, we were all set to make dinner inspired by the naked egg. Pasta doesn't have to be smothered in sauces all the time. They are absolutely delectable just by themselves with a few simple ingredients. I made  this pasta dish with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, black pepper, dried mint leaves and egg. 

1/2 a pack of Pasta - I used whole grain Spaghetti

2 tsp sun dried tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic- minced

1 tsp of dried mint leaves

1 tsp fresh ground black pepper

2 eggs

1 cup of spinach


Cook the Spaghetti according to the directions on the package and save about half a cup of the water after the spaghetti is cooked. Adding this to the dish keeps the spaghetti moist.

Heat the pan with 1 tsp of olive oil and fry the garlic for about 30 seconds.

Add the sun dried tomatoes and spinach. Saute them for a minute.

Add the black pepper and the pasta. Toss them all together and then crack the eggs right in to the pan.

The eggs will cook and coat the pasta making it silky smooth and scrumptious.

Add the half cup of pasta water and let it cook for about 2 minutes.

Add the crushed mint leaves and its done.

All the simple ingredients are in sync making this one fab meal.

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