Thursday, March 27, 2014

Potatoes, Carrots, Quinoa and Cheese

Cheese is my all time favorite ingredient. when I came across this Cheese, please challenge at fromagehomage it got me thinking. How was cheese discovered in the first place? Digging little deeper in to the cyber space revealed that like all the other awesome things this one was an accident too. Some one (no one knows for sure exactly who this person was) left milk in one of the animal skin hide containers and it turned to curd and whey. Funny how we end up with all of life's treasures in the most unexpected places. 

Coming back to the challenge, the catch was to use homemade cheese in a dish.Making cheese at home may sound very intimidating, but really its not. All we need is some acidity either in the form of vinegar or lemon juice. The milk proteins coagulate and do the rest of the work for you. 

Having said all this I never tried myself to make cheese at home. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. 

To make the cheese -

Boil 2 cups of milk - I used 2% Milk (2 cups of milk would give enough cheese for about 2 servings)

Once the milk comes to boil, turn off the heat and add 3 tsp of vinegar.

The coagulation process should start right away. If not go ahead and add another tsp of vinegar.

Once the milk protein coagulates, its separates into curd and whey.

I used a strainer to separate the two.

Drain the cheese on a thin kitchen towel,and there it was pristine, perfect and precious- my very own home made cheese.

Now comes the fun part of adding the cheese on to something. To me the best way to eat cheese is not to overpower it too much with other flavors. I added the cheese to a potato, carrot salad with quinoa. 

For the salad - 

Boil or steam 2 cups of potatoes and 1 cup of carrots.

Chop the steamed potatoes and carrots in to bite size pieces. 

Saute them in a tsp of olive oil with 1 tsp of cumin powder, 1 tsp of black pepper,  1 tsp chili powder,2 cloves of garlic and salt.

Add the carrots and potatoes to a cup of cooked quinoa and top it off with the amazing cheese.

The cheese chunks were a wonderful addition to the spicy potatoes and crunchy quinoa. The little guy enjoyed making cheese and was amazed at the whole process of separating curd and whey. The key here is to relax and enjoy the process. Worst case scenario dump the whole thing and start over again. Its not the end of the world after all its just cheese. 

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