Sunday, March 23, 2014

Turkey Meat balls

The person you are married to is called your soul mate. I call mine the best thing that ever happened to me. He did and continues to bring out the best in me the world has ever seen. Even I fell in love with the kind of person I became after I married him. He made me conquer my fears in ways I never thought was possible. It's been a rocky ride but is worth every bump. 

I grew up  in India, a country synonymous for cultural diversity. Of all the diverse cuisines I could have had, I never experimented with food. I was a picky eater and seldom did I move out of my comfort zone where food was concerned. After we got married, he once took me to a restaurant and insisted that I should try the cheese cake. I was very reluctant. I was not living under a rock, but where I come from cheese is used mostly in a spicy savory dish and rarely in a desert. I took my first bite with lot of trepidation and it was love at first bite and thus, I broke my culinary barriers. The most popular bird in the country namely the Turkey was also an alienated bird in my world.We were attending our very first Thanksgiving meal and I was very reluctant to taste the Turkey. He kept saying it tastes just like chicken (Which I love) and you won't know the difference. I have to say it did taste a lot like chicken.

I always felt Turkey needs something to go with it and is no good just by itself. I am no fan of the gravy. I had some left over Deli style oven roasted Turkey breast. These are thinly sliced pieces that I use in making breakfast and sandwiches. After numerous sandwiches and breakfast recipes I was looking for alternatives and wondered if I could make Turkey meat balls with them. Added few peas, spices, bread crumbs and something amazing happened. The meatballs were loaded with flavor and the Turkey if  he/she could speak would have thanked me for upgrading their status to something totally awesome. Here is the recipe - 

15 slices of  Deli style Turkey breast slices 

1 cup of boiled green peas

1 medium onion chopped 

1 cup of  Panko bread crumbs 

1 tsp cumin powder 

1 tsp coriander powder 

1 tsp black pepper powder 

1 tsp red chili powder 

1 clove of garlic 

1 tsp of dried Mint leaves 

1 egg 

salt - the Turkey breast and bread crumbs have salt in them, I didn't add any salt. 

In a food processor add the Turkey, peas, onion and the spices. Blend them together.

Transfer the mixture in to a bowl and add the egg and bread crumbs.

Mix them together and make little meat balls.

This will yield around 15 small meat balls.

Heat a pan with enough oil to shallow fry.

Fry the meat balls until golden brown and drain on a paper towel to remove the excess oil. I haven't tried it but I guess they can also be baked instead of frying.

The meat balls can be tossed in pasta sauce with spaghetti or even in salads. We finished them all before I could decide what to do with them. The little guy gave my meat balls an A++ and said I did pretty good on my first try. To the amazing men in my life for always believing in me. Three cheers to us and the meat />

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