Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chia seed Pudding with Turmeric

I spend hours, days sometimes even years trying to accomplish a task. In the process I go through a plethora of emotions ranging from joy, sorrow to frustrations. When the task is finally accomplished, I look back and feel the joy of picking a path, working towards it and finally getting to where I wanted to be. Its not about getting to the finish line, its how you get to the finish line is what matters the most. Each and every one of us will eventually get to the finish line, but how we handle ourselves, the brick walls, the trials and tribulations during the process is what matters the most. 
Off late, I  have noticed these interesting seeds everyone is raving about - the chia seeds. I thought, there were flax seeds, hemp seeds and now the chia seeds. I wondered what was different or unique about these chia seeds. Pouring through the cyber space, I learnt that these seeds have the ability to absorb  liquids almost 10 -12 times of their weight.  This makes them  ideal for puddings. The chia seeds are also used as egg substitutes because they turn all gooey and yolk like once they absorb the water.

Having tried these seeds in smoothies, I wanted to try out a pudding. I am not a big fan of puddings, but the thought of having a healthy pudding was way too tempting to pass. The fist time I made the pudding it was way too thick. The second time it kind of worked but I was not really paying attention to the amount of milk and chia seeds. The third time was the charm.

The pudding has a small amount of Turmeric. Turmeric has lots of goodness in it and is not just meant for its rendering a yellow color palette. I usually drink a Turmeric Smoothie and played with the idea of adding it to a pudding.

The whole process takes about less than 5 minutes and then you wait for couple of hours for the chia seeds to get cozy with the liquids.

1 cup of  2% Milk

3 Tablespoons Raw Honey

1 tsp cardamom powder

1/2 cup of Almonds soaked for about an hour or overnight

1/4 tsp of Turmeric

1 tsp of Almond extract

and finally 1/2 cup of Chia seeds.

In a blender blend together the Milk, honey,  almonds, almond extract, turmeric and cardamom.

Add the mixture to a bowl, the whole mixture will be a little over 1 cup.

Add in the 1/2 cup of chia seeds and whisk them thoroughly.

cover the bowl and refrigerate for an hour or over night.

The pudding gets a little thick after overnight refrigeration. I add couple of tablespoons of water or milk to make it thin.

Top it off with your favorite fruit. I love to have this with strawberries and some honey drizzled on top.

You can also add your favorite yogurt, nuts or anything that pleases you.

Despite my love-hate relationship with puddings, this whole process of discovering the seed and succeeding in creating something edible made me fall in love with this pudding.

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